Saturday Night

M and I found ourselves in a music club in Kingston-upon-Thames on Saturday night. Now we are not normally into Jazz. Harry Connick Jr, is about as close as we get. But we had a good reason to be there on Saturday night, my brother had a guest spot to sing a song that he has written, his vocal coach has created the melody. He has been learning to sing "Jazz Standards", whatever they are ;o), since last year and he's good at it too. I can honestly say I was really moved to see my brother singing in that club with paying punters listening and giving him a well deserved hearty round of applause at the end.

The three headline ladies did a fantastic job of entertaining the 50 strong audience in two sets. Kat had us all in awe of seeing her play Jazz Sitar. Yes you have read that right.

Thanks for Kat, Bibi and Penny for setting up the gig and for inviting Steve to be their guest star.