Carfully does it.

So we are trying to sell the car and have posted it on a car sales web site. Great until we got an email from someone who does not write very good English. We have have discussed this and decided it's a new version of the Nigeria 419 scams that have been around for ages. Here is the mail that we got and then our replies, in order.


Hello I read your ads concerning the car you listed for sale . I will like to know if the car is still for sale. And pls let me know the last price and also send the pic to me . Are you the first owner? Not to forget about the conditions of the car


Yes it's still for sale.

The pic is no different than the one on the website, but here it is anyway. Last price? Don't know what you mean. 1 owner = first owner. It's in excellent condition for 6 years old. one minor scratch on rear driver side door Inside it's pristine.

Tim p.s. call me if you have further questions.


Hello Am so excited you could mail me back concerning the car you listed for sale and i will love to puurhase the car from you . Main look at the pic at the site it's very lovely car and the condition you states for me, i may conclude the car is very good. Really this kind of car have been looking for some days now. Am trying to purchase the Car for myself used. I will be glad if you can sell the Car to me. I believe by now Car is SOLD to me . Now i want you to move the advert so that other buyer will not bother you over this Car . Really i want you to please send pics of the Car if available . Also concerning you asking price am okay with it (£x,xxx) for the Car. Please as for the shipment i will handle that myself i shall contact my private shipping company to handle the shippment from you location to mine. Likewise,the payment am paying with is UK BANK DRAFT which i believe is okay. Me paying you with UK bankdraft am not requiring any bank details from you cause is not good to give out bank details on internet.The payment uk (bankdraft) will take 2 to 3 working days for the payment to FULLY CLEARED and CONFIRM the money is your bank account, pls get back to me today so that we could conclude on the payment. I reside in Canada and i will be glad if i can purchase the Car from you. Please remember that i have committed myself to purchase the Car for self used. Thanks awaiting your e-mail today.. Regards

Hmm I start to smell a rat by now.


Thanks for your interest, but I'm not convinced that you are a genuine buyer. Until you can convince me otherwise, please do not be offended if I keep the car listed as for sale. I don't understand why you would want a UK right hand drive car, which is of little use to you in Canada.



Nothing for 24 hours and then this arrived.


Hello Thanks for your mail and i really appreciate your concern about the Car.Yes,i have right hand drive Car here in canada and i love the car (AUDI A4)I want to assure that payment (bankdraft) will cleared 2&3 working daysinto your bank account . Right now am going to instruct my client to issue the UK BANKDRAFT of £10,500 the certified UK BANKDRAFT can be deposited into your bank account and it's will take 2 to 3 working days for the bankdraft to FULLY CLEARED and CONFIRM the money is in your bank account and before the given date you might aswell check your bank account online regularly to see if the payment has FULLY CLEADED and CONFIRM the money is in your bank account, hope you understand and from there i can take possession of the Car Now, i will ask him to issued you the above amount inyour name and you'll wired (send) the excess funds to my shipper via western union,for the shippment of the Car to enable him come for the pick up of the Car at your location,I' ll give you my shipping agent's datas as soon as the UKBANKDRAFT FULLY CLEARED into your bank account,i will gets to you my shipper data for the wired (send) of the fund throungh nearby western union arround you so that he can receive the balance after 2&3 days it's will be at your location for the pick up. I will be giving £300 for your (efforts).I really want the Car urgently,and am highly earger to see it. I'll need your details inorder for you to received the UK BANKDRAFT soonest.And if you can email your details today probably this week you receive the payment. NAME.. ADDRESS.. POST CODE. CITY.. STATE... COUNTRY.. PHONE NUMBER MOBILE NUMBER OFFICE, NUMBER HOME NUMBER Awaiting your mail today,to let me know what's good.. Best Regard

Needless to say that we have not sent this person any more details about our car.