D-Day for the Mazda 6

Over the past year I have had numerous problems/niggles with my company car, one Mazda 6 diesel sport.

4 Xeon headlights
1 Front wheel bearing
1 Front wheel bearing flange
1 Clutch
1 Flywheel
1 Gearbox

The last 5 being replaced in the space of one month. This is in adition to the regular servicing of the vehicle.

So I finally lost the plot and told the fleet managers here to have the car back as I had lost all faith in it and don't feel safe in it anymore. It has resutled in a long drawn out dialogue between the lease company, the fleet managers, the garage and me.

So the final outcome is that my compnay have asked for an independant safety inspection of the car, which is supposed to be happening today.

I'll keep you posted as to what happens.