Don't fear the Lotus.

So my reflections from Lotusphere this year are a little different to last years. I managed to get to a total of 0 sessions. No I have not missed out a number there, I really did manage to attend zero sessions.

Why? Well I was a bit busy over the first weekend and never really recovered enough to make it to any sessions throughout the rest of the event.

Installing lappys on saturday morningIt was all going so well, we started out on Saturday morning with 48 laptops to install an O/S onto. This was managed by booting them using the network card and using my laptop as a PXE server to host the RedHat Linux files. The Linux install was automated using a kickstart file and it trimmed the total install time down to about 8 minutes per machine. As we were not relying on CDs or DVDs for the install media we setup a small network switch and installed 8 laptops at a time. So by lunchtime we had the base O/S installed on pretty much all the laptops we were going to be using in the lab.

When we got back from lunch we made a few enquiries about when the network infrastructure would be turning up and we had a little shock when we were advised that we should be using the wireless network. Hmmm, I pondered, I've never managed to get the wireless network card on my own laptop to run under RedHat in six months, so what chance do I stand of making these machines work in less than a day? "Not Happeneing". So we bailed out faster than a swarm of rats on the Titanic. "Can we have a wired network? Please!"
So much of the afternoon was spent copying VMWare images across the tiny network we already had to all the laptops that needed them.

Lab signSunday came and we continued to copy images across the network, but we also managed to blow up a three phase power cable running down one side of the lab. Half te laptops did not have batteries in so we lost a whole bunch of work there. We managed to sneek out and go to the Beach Party on Sunday night. XxXxX But then Paul and I slipped back to the lab to finish off a few things that we needed to have happen before the lab opened on Monday morning.

So having worked all through the night, Paul and I were very happy and tired when it came time to open the doors on Monday morning. And it all worked like  it was designed to and everyone had a great time running the labs and meeting all the folks who can in to see what all the fuss was about. We had some great feedback and here are a few of the other pictures I took of Lotusphere 2007 and the Solution Developers Sanctuary.