So 2007 already.

That's come around quick. Is it just me or do the years seem to spin round a bit quicker as you get older? Or is it that we are not paying as much attention to everything that is going on as we used to as kids? Hmmm, I wonder if anyone like Frued ever did any investigation of stuff like that.

Over Christmas I learn't to play Texas Hold'em poker. It's a fun game and not too hard to pick up. I even got a mini casino night kit as a present. I've since found a bunch of websites that will let you play for free. no credit card required, just time.

2007 looks to be a busy year for me. This is how it sarts.

Jan - a trip to Orlando on business
Feb - EnduroIndia
Mar - recovering from above

Plus I have to loose 3 stone (42 pounds or 19kg) by the end of this year. I will finish writing up the story of our holiday in Jamaica soon and all will make sense.

So roll on 2007, let's get on with it.