From the inside...

I'm probably missing the sound of the jack boots stomping down the corridors of power heading for my desk as I'm sat here with a set of headphones on and my iPod doing it's thing. The "IBM Thought Police" have been dispatched to take me away to a dark damp room that smells of the previous occupants nervousness.


I'm about to tell you something I probably shouldn't.

I've just seen an internal web page that has an amazing three characters on it. I was not expecting to see this until at least Christmas time, but it's there already. WOW. I'm still in shock and I can't believe I will get away with telling you this.

So what's the big deal?


If you need to ask, you won't understand anyway.

I'm going to lie down. Well done to the dev team for getting this far so fast.

p.s. it looks v slick and it's quite stable too. Where's my pillow, lights out.... ahhhh