Notes 7 officially rocks IBM

So I decided before Christmas to run a couple of "Upgrade to Lotus Notes 7" classes for my extended team.

I ran the last of them today and I was amazed at how much you can turn people around in a few miutes. I mean these poor folks have NEVER had any sort of training about Notes since they joined IBM. Go figure on that one. One comment from a student leaving the class was "Wow, at least I can make Notes work for me know, instead of feeling like I work for it!"
Just explaining DocLinks, table editing, Location docs and simple stuff, to you and me, has made a real difference to these folks. I still find it hard to beleive that no-one inside IBM provides simple getting started training on Notes.

So if you want to make friends around the office, show someone something fancy with the Notes Client.

I might even start posting a few top tips. Got any suggestions?