WANTED: Ideas and suggestions

OK so imagine you knew someone who worked for a large software company. Then imagine they knew all of you. Now think that that person had been asked to do something that they though was worth asking you lot to contribute to. Are you still with me? I hope so. This is your chance to help me, help you.

If there was a conference where you could take part in some hands on labs of a software nature, what would you want to see it look like.  Not what content do you want, but how should it look/feel/etc...

My idea is that we create a imaginary company and everything that happens, happens to that company.

e.g. The Tim Clark Theme Park Company, has several departments; HR, Finance, IT, Sales/Retail & Marketing. If you were to look at the software used in that company some of it would be used in several departments. i.e. Sametime might stretch across the whole company, as would Notes for email. PeopleSoft portlets might only be used by HR, but might have read access for each employee.

So if I were to setup some hands-on labs in this company style format, do you think it would work? And what technologies would go where?

This is an open discussion, so any input would be very appreciated.