Meeting people, making friends...

So I bowl into work this morning thinking that nothing special is gonna happen today. But then, like normal on those sort of days, something side swipes you from left field.

I see a colleague in the office and he says "So are you still coming to this training today?".

"Urm, yes, of course I am", thinking to myself whilst I'm saying it "what the hell training is this I've forgotten about?". 

When I get into the classroom, I see a whole bunch of business partners that I half recognise from working with them in the past. The scary thing is that I can't remember half of their names. But I'm saved from too much embarrassment by the register being called. Yes they really called a register this morning.

I discover that a fellow blogger is amongst the folks who is here for the two day training. Paul Mooney, as I live and breath. Would you believe it. No nor did I for a while.

Anyway we got to talking and now it transpires that we are going out for a few drinks later on this evening. I don't think/hope that this is going to turn into a "legend session" as I will have to drive home afterwards.

But anyway we got to talking throughout the day and discussed something that I'm involved in that we might need some help with. Paul thinks it will be a great idea to get some feedback from all of you. I need to clear it with someone first, but I should know tomorrow if I can let you all in on the project. Believe me, this is HUGE if you can help and want to get involved. You will see the benefit, so it will be worth your while.