Back in the office again

Having completed the RedHat System Admin course last week and taken the RedHat Certified Technician exam on Friday, I am pleased to say that I am now a qualified RHCT. YIPEEEEEEEE!

It's a tough course and test at the end, but they make you sign a non-disclosure agreement, so it's a bit like "Fight Club".
First rule of Fight Club = no-one talks about fight club, not even to fight club members.
Second rule of fight club = no-one talks about fight club.

What I can tell you, is that it's an apptitude test, so it's not multiple guess answer, like some exams. For me that works well, and means something. To do a practical exam and be graded on it is fairly rare in the IT industry now.

At least I know that I can do it now. With this in mind I have decidied to bite the bullet and try to migrate away from Windows XP. IBM provide an "e-business client" for it's employees (standard desktop build), and there is now a Linux version of that. It's not too bad, as standard desktops go. They have done a bunch of work to make a few things work in a Linux environment, but there are some things in my department that only run in Windows. So my plan is to get a VMWare Workstation setup with Win XP in it and run the Windows stuff in there. The rest I should be able to do in Linux now.

Check back for update reports. I know this is not going to be plain sailing.