Romance is not dead ...... yet.

Well it's off to Italy for the first time ever and I'm looking forward to spending a long weekend with the long suffering Mrs Clark. We will be shacking up in Milan and just generally be quite lazy. I hope.

This is our third wedding anniversary and we have been away for the other two so it's fast becoming a tradition that we go away for a weekend either side of our actual anniversary day.

Our first anniversary took us to Paris for a friends 30th birthday party and we had a great time, just lounging around in Paris and taking in all the tourist traps.

Whilst we were in Paris we discussed a lot of stuff about where we have been and where we would like to go. It turned out that we both thought that we hadn't seen enough of the capital cities of Europe, and as we were starting a tradition in one, then we might as well carry on. So we discussed where to go next and Rome came top of the list for both of us.

So for our second anniversary we decided to go to Rome. Only we didn't plan, book or go there in the end. The Pope was looking a bit "ifffy" at the time and that he might join the choir invisible at any moment. Someone had told me that they got almost stranded in Rome once when a Pope died as the whole city goes into mourning. Everything basically shuts down, so I'm told. No I still don't know if this is true or not, but I wasn't going to risk it.

So instead we got a cheap deal to go to that well known European city of Toronto, Canada. I know, go figure it out for yourself. ;o)

We had a fantastic time and met up with a friend of mine who lives there and also works for IBM. One piece of advice for Toronto in May, wrap up warm, the wind off the lake and get quite chilly.

So year three and we are off to Milan. Fashion icon for Italy and I am just dreading the fact that the suitcase is upstairs and my wife's parting comment this morning as she shut the lid was, "There's loads of room in there.". I so hope that we don't end up in the posh part of town. Gucci and the like had better be closed this weekend or the plastic might be in trouble.