Mobile device week of shame

Let's start with Blackberry. I have the wonderful Bold 9900, lovely phone, great mix of touch screen and keyboard, great size, nice screen. Shame it's connected to the Blackberry BES service that can be down for 3 days, including the Blackberry innovation Forum in London.  Oooops!


And then on to Apple.

YES Apple. Who'd have thought that releasing a new iPhone, new iOS and iCloud service all on the same day would bring their download servers to their knees? My iPhone 4 has been a trusty partner that just works. Like all Apple devices the user interface is simple and normally a pleasure to use. The only fly in this ointment has always been iTunes. Needed to start your phone up (activate it) and last night it proceded to brick my iPhone trying to upgrade to iOS5. Apparently the Apple servers were too busy and my update failed half way through. Thus I have a blank iPhone with the "Connect to iTunes" image on it.

So not the best week for mobile devices then!