The power of ebay

LaughingThe power of ebay never seases to amaze me.

Why is it that some things sell really well and others don't get a single bid. I guess it's all to do with what the market wants.

Does the way you word the advert have anything to do with it? I'm sure it does. Quotes like, "these will sell fast, so happy bidding" are becoming very popular and create a sense of urgency in the mind of the person browsing your items.

For instance, trying to sell a ladies watch with the following lack lustre description has so far encouraged no bids

Ladies Ellese wristwatch
Salmon pink face and metal strap
Comes complete with spare links and metal case
slight mark on glass, will probably t-cut / pollish out

Whereas tickets for WorldSuperbikes that everyone knows I got for free are creating a bidding frenzy with the following description

World Superbikes at Silverstone
Sunday 28th May 2006
Face value on the day £40, £35 in advance.
(children under 16 get in free)
You are bidding for two tickets, sold as a pair.
We got these tickets free with a trackday and can't go, so why do you go for us and cheer on all the brits like we would have done.
The tickets are only for the Sunday and include roving Grand Stand seating.
These will go fast so get bidding.
Enjoy !!!


 So make your own mind up.