Best bit of Lotusphere 2006

Had to be Bill and Paul's session on "Worst practices in IBM Lotus Domino"I was in the front row for the first run and it was brilliant. The jokes were funny, the scenrios were even better and the audience had to be turned away when the room got too full.

It was a very informative session full of "Don't try this at home, or at work, unless you want the sack" kind of things that we have all seen/done with a Domino system at some time.

My personal favourite had to be the one about the administrator who replace the directory database with a mail files design. And then let it replicate out. He had done this on the hub and then wondered why all the spokes started failing after replication. Nice!!! (I'm glad he does work anywhere near me.)

I saw a few of these things when I worked for Lotus Support, and I'll try and remember a few and forward them onto Bill and Paul.