Lotusphere 2011, here I come.

I made it through the week will little or no damage. Monday was session practise with the amazing Mr White, Tuesday was customer meeting with Miss Pearce to discuss a Quickr for Domino pilot, Wednesday was a planned trip to the Parkside Suite at Frimley Park Hospital and today was recovery and packing day.Yesterday went fairly well, but I should have know what was going to happen from what happened on Tuesday at my local doctors surgery. Because of the Atrial fibrillation the doctors decided to thin my blood to stop blood clots and strokes. Nice idea and it's working ;o) The only fly in this ointment is the weekly blood test at the doctors and waiting for a slip of paper from the hospital to arrive by post to tell me what dose of Warfarin I should be on this week. Turn up on Tuesday and the nurse can't get any blood out of my left arm, tries my right are TWICE with no success and then resorts to the back of my right hand. I think she's been watching the Twilight movies too many times. Waiting to go for my electro cardioversion yesterday and the nurse can't get any blood out of my left arm either and she had a good long go at it too. So I feel like a pin cushion at the moment with holes all over my arms. If someone looks they are going to think I'm a drug addict who's been shooting up.

Anyway tomorrow starts the long haul across to Orlando with possibly too much technology in my bags and not enough underwear.