Back to the Future....

After 2 and a bit years in Business Partner Technical Enablement and 3 years in the IBM Innovation Centre at Hursley and 3 years in Channel Technical Sales I have accepted a role working with customers again. I'm sure I'll still have lots to do with our Lotus partner community going forward, but it's not going to be my main focus now. So I would like to take this opportunity to say a MASSIVE "Thank you" to all of the Lotus business partners that have helped me understand the channel, supported me in my mad-capped schemes and ideas and just generally been some of the best people I have ever worked with and alongside.

I've had some great times and met some fantastic people along the way and I'm grateful for all the fun we've had too.

So what am I going to be doing? I am going to working in Lotus Technical Sales in UK & Ireland. This is the "Back to the Future" bit for me as I have done this role before, just before I stated in Channel Technical Sales. I'll still be at ILUG and Lotusphere 2011 (hopefully) so I'll see you all there.

So it's not "So long and thank for all the fish" but more of a "Where are the keys to the DeLorean? And can we make sure the flux capacitor is working right this time?"