Time to put my money where my mouth is

Some of you may know that I used to do some voluntary work. I used to get a lot out of it, and I put a lot into it. I guess we parted company evens.

Time to do something worth while again.

When I was in London on Monday night having dinner with a chum who used to work in development of Lotus QuickPlace, My wife found a postcard of a motorbike against a kind of countryside background. On closer inspection it was a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 in the middle of India.

Nice postcard, good composition of the images, eye catching design.

But there was something else about it, something that stired something inside me. The words at the top of the postcard said "enduroindia - the adventure of a lifetime".

Erm, sorry, but did you say "adventure"? Yes they did, and they ment it. Boy do they mean it.

Here's what was on the back of the postcard

Enduro India 2007 is a 14 day 'Once in a lifetime' motorcycle adventure through the high mountains, dense forests and chaotic cities of southern India. Join us and ride a Royal Enfield 350 Bullet motobike to raise money for children with a terminal illness in the UK and India. To sign up contact Enduro India on 01225 852 286 and ask for Simon Smith, or go to www.enduroindia.com for more information

Now before you go and check it out, and I really want you to, I want you to read the rest of this blog entry. This is really important.

I'm NOT going to ask anyone for money or sponsership. If they offer it I'm going to humblly accept it. The cost of doing this is £3850, and if it costs me that to do it, then so be it. Both you and I know that this is an unlikeley event, but I'm prepared to pay that much for this experience alone.

Now the charity bit. There are three charities that EnduroIndia support. The WWF (not the wrestlers), The Rainow Trust and The Mother Theresa Educational and Charitable Society. All of which do fantastic work in their own repective fields.

If you think, after reading all the info, that this is something you would like to support, then why not sign up?