Day 69 and counting.....

On Feb 19th the engine in my BMW 320d decided to stop working. Something to do with a bent crank shaft, 2 bent con rods, cylinder leakage from 1, 2 and 3, a piston loose in the in the cylinder, pitting on all four piston heads, marking and scoring on all 4 cylinder sleeves. So just a couple of minor niggles really. ;o) The BMW garage said it needed a new engine and the leasing company, naturally, took a very sharp intake of breathe at this point. And I don't blame them. £9,000 for a replacement engine is a lot for a car that's just two years old.

After much tooing and froing, and tooing and froing and some more tooing, just for good measure, the car is with a garage that are going to replace the engine.

I rang them just after lunch today to find out what is happening. I remember something about "the engine is out of the car and we don't have an engine that works yet to put back in" before my brain melted and ran out of me nose.

So it's not going to be back tomorrow (day 70) and then it's a bank holiday weekend. So that's going to be up to day 74 at the earliest and if they work on it over the holiday weekend. (not going to happen)

I think I might get to day 80, but not as far as day 100 before I lose it completely and scream at someone down the phone about this.

Anyone want to guess on the what date I'll get the BMW back? Day 80 onwards........