Sorting out the Sametime contact list.

I've been doing a bunch of bunch of housekeeping on my Sametime contact list today. I've added a whole new department of people in a bunch of nested groups. But while I was doing this I came across a problem. Whilst I have everything sorted alphabetically (groups and people), that mixed up all the people in amongst the groups.

So I needed something that would make the people sit above the groups. A simple full stop works just fine.

Lets say that you create a group for your team and you want your manager to appear at the top of the list when they are online. All you have to do is edit the "Nickname" of the contact and add a "." to the front of their name. Then they pop to the top of the list.

.Robert Manager Fred Bloke Georgina Lady

Taking this one step further, I have a group that has people and groups in it, and a manager. So to the manager I added two full stops and just one to the other people in the group. They all appear above the groups and the manager appears everyone.

..William Manager .Fred Bloke .Georgina Lady Admin (GROUP) Finance (GROUP) HR (GROUP)

So whilst it's a bit of a drag to edit a few peoples nicknames in Sametime it's not too bad to look at and it works.