GTD Stage 1 - Collection

So after a quick flurry of email and a chat with Ian in support I have eProductivity† set up and everything showing as it should be. Now I can start on the GTD process stage one. This involves getting EVERYTHING into a trusted system, in this case eProductivity, and clearing it from my mind. Then I will be one step closer to David Allen's goal of 'mind like water'.

So I will spend the rest of day and tomorrow collecting everything into eProductivity and then working through what the next actions are for each thing I have collected.

The collection process is made really simple in eProductivity as you can drag and drop any emails into a context (more on these later on) and you can also "MindSweep" and collect your thoughts about projects or stuff that you are thinking about but don't have email about. My inbox stands at 704 emails right now and I want to have that down to none either by the end of today or tomorrow lunch time.

I'd best stop writing about it now and actually go do some of it.

More updates on the next 4 steps will follow.