SHOW 112 - resources and file download (Revised content)

SHOW112 - How to build an XPages application from start to finish The file resources that you would need to create the LOANr application yourself in your own time can be found here. (This has been edited and a corrected .pdf included 27-Jan-10)

Included files are:

show112.pdf - the presentation that becomes your manual on how to create the LOANr XPages application. scriptsnippets.txt - this is all the code that you are going to need to type in to make it work, but we have typed it in already numerous times so figured that we'd save you the effort. LOANr-Start.nsf - The database that started from with just the ordinary Notes resources in it. e.g. forms, views, pages and image resources. LOANr-Final.nsf - Is what the database should look like if you follow the instructions all the way to the end.

We hope you enjoyed the breakout session and if you have not already done so, please complete your evaluation for the session.

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