Back in the land of the living

And not just me, my work laptop too. I had installed a second partition on drive 0 and put the IBM Open Client (Linux Workstation) into it. As part of that install it had put GRUB as the boot loader into the Master Boot Record (MBR). I then decided that I didn't use the Open Client on this machine so I would delete the partition and increase the size of the Win XP (booo hissss) partition back up to fill the disk.

What a mistake that was. Once the Linux partition was gone the GRUB loader then wonders where the hell to get the kernel from. It then can't load and just gives me a dumm black screen.

Oh dear, trying to get the MBR back to a Windows XP MBR was a real hassle, or should I say nightmare. It took me 6 & 1/2 hours and a bunch of "BOOT CDs" to get to a state where I could eventually rewrite the MBR.

In the end I MANUALY rewrote the MBR. Yes you read that right the first time. I manualy rewrote the MBR using a bunch of useful docs that Google turned up.

It took me ages to work out where to get the right information but it all works now, as you can see by the fact I managed to write this post.

I still want to be a techy, deep down, maybe I am. Fat chance ;o)