Bill Allen MBE

We are mourning the loss of a true hero in our neighbourhood. Bill Allen has past away and his loss will be very deeply felt by anyone who knew him. Frimley will not be the same without him, that's for my neighbour he was always there to offer advice, lend a hand or keep and eye out. As the local coordinator of the "Neighbourhood Watch" he put in countless hours to help make the place we live a safer one. The Millennium rose garden at the end of our street was an example of his dedication to community. His curry will remain infamous as will the celebrations at "26". I for one will miss the Scottish Saltire flying from the window for St Andrew's day. Bill was in the Army for many years and he regaled us with many stories about his times in Cyprus and at Sandhurst Royal Military Academy. In the end Bill's health betrayed him. He had been quite ill for a while and he had shrugged it off and not told anyone, even the doctors, just how much was going on or going wrong. On Saturday there was a thump on our front door and I was asked to help pick Bill up off the floor where he had slept after falling off the sofa. He had not been able to use his call bell, crawl 2 feet to the phone or even shout for help. We persuaded him to let us call the ambulance and he not only allowed them to take him to hospital, he even walked out to the vehicle himself. Today Bill passed away and he will be missed. Father, Soldier, Friend & Neighbour. RIP