BMW customer service is awesome

So the drivers side headlight bulb has gone in the BMW. Mildly frustrating at worst. Grab the spare bulb pack supplied by the lease company and owners manual then set about replacing bulb. Not so fast cowboy.

To get to this bulb you have to open a panel inside the wheel arch. That is where it all comes undone. With the wheel in the way it's virtually impossible to get your hand in there let alone get the panel out and the bulb. So I sheepishly rang the lease company and explained the situation. "No problem sir", came the reply, "just drop it into your local BMW garage and they will do it for you." So I'm currently sat in the comfortable leather chairs at Barons BMW writing this blog post, on the iPhone, and waiting for them to finish replacing my bulb. But it gets better. They are doing it FOC, gratis, gratuit, free. Including the bulb! Aparently it's covered under the warranty.

Now that's what I call service.

Must get back to drinking the free tea... ;o)