UKLUG agenda has been released

So the folks running the UKLUG must have been drinking some pretty hard stuff recently. They have put out the agenda and I'm on it. I mean come on. I know they weren't hard up for session abstracts. I guess I had better get on with writing something to show now. ;o)I have been writing something anyway and I did know that they accepted my submission. I'm working on a small XPages application that I can build in front of everyone and explain it as I go along. The target is 45 minutes for the demo and 10 minutes for intro and questions. The other plan is to get a whole bunch of screen shots or a screen video of some kind that I can post after the session. Here are the things that I will hoping to show.

  • Simple data binding to a notes doc and notes view
  • Creating a single UI to use again and again
  • Using an unlisted dojo control in an XPage (dojox.image.Lightbox)
  • Taking all that and showing it in the Notes client
  • Incorporating that into a Composite Application and wiring it to a Google search gadget

So if you think you like the sound of that session then come find me on day 1 of UKLUG (8-Oct-09) 3pm-4pm in room #4. The rest of the agenda can be found HERE