Back to the real world.

So I'm back in the office today and back to the standard way of things. My Workplace Managed Client seems to have calmed down and is working ok(ish) again. Before I went away I had upgraded to the Notes 7.0.1 and was hoping that a few things might have been fixed but it does not seem that this is the case. Only 156 unread mails in my inbox, which I think it very tame for a week and three days out of contact with my mail.

Have you seen any annomolies in WMC 2.6 with Notes 7.x ? I've seen a bunch of them and will start to keep track of them from now on and report back to development.

I also saw today that the BetaWorks team (formerly the Product Introduction Centre) have asked for people to start nominating for the WebSphere Portal 6 beta programme. So if you are interested then get in contact with your account manager or drop me a comment and I'll try and hook you up with the right people.