Lotusphere 2006

[b]WOW[/b]What more can you say about such a great event. As a member of staff at LS06, I saw it from several sides. [u]Customer side[/u]: Whilst all the customers I spoke to in the labs seemed to be already running Domino or Portal or something else like that, they all seemed really enthused about what has been presented. Sametime 7.5 really seemed to get alot of enthusiasm. I guess we are going in the right direction then. [u]Business Partners[/u]: I speak to BPs all the time, it's my job. But to see these guys excited about Hannover and Sametime and Workplace Managed Client was very refreshing. It would appear that these folks get the message this year, as it's been a bit hit/miss for the last couple of years. [u]Press / Analysts[/u]: Well I met one of these guys in the lab I was helping with and I didn't answer any of his questions, but instead ended up asking him what he thought of it all. The answers were positive and he seemed to liek the fact that the "Community" was enthused about what we were doing. He also seemed to get the "Gloves are off" comments and was glad to see us taking the fight to all commers. [u]IBMers[/u]: The folks I was working with all seemed to hyped about what's coming up this year, as am I. I can't wait to see Sametime 7.5 and Hannover. It's going to be a very interesting year.

My overall thought about LS06 was that it was a fantastic event and one I hope to go to again. Photos of the guilty are here [url]http://community.webshots.com/album/546731496zKNwBS[/url]