Diary of a travel day

4:30am Alarm goes off, kiss wife, shower, dress and into the car by 4:50

5:15am Arrive a car park and get the shuttle bus to London Heathrow Terminal 1

5:45am 2 minutes into Terminal 1 and told that computer system has failed and that I need a check-in desk printed boarding pass. Online check-ins don't work today. 

6:00am Into security line, where my shoes set off the alarm. And for the 1st time in 10 straight weeks of air travel my "liquids bag" that came with my carry-on luggage is not good enough for security. "It needs to be in one of these, flimsy sandwich bags sir. So can you put all your stuff into one of these please."

"No, you want it in that, you do it." 

"I'll have to call a supervisor", she threatened. 

"Please do, I'd like to know why today my bag is not good enough, having been fine for 10 straight weeks of air travel through this very terminal. What's changed in your policies in the last week?" 

Sheepishly she admits that nothing has changed and that for the past 9 weeks I must have got lucky that no one did their job right. 

So that's all OK then. Airport security not sticking to their own policies for the past 9 weeks is perfect and fine. Really??? 

6:25am rush through the rest of the terminal to be faced with secondary screening in T1 for all those of us lucky enough to not be leaving the UK or Ireland. Yes it's another line to stand in. For no reason at all. They have already seen my boarding card and the airline will see my photo ID along with my boarding card at the gate and the aeroplane door. Why do we need this screening line? It's just an inconvenience and delay for the passengers, or could it be 'jobs for the boys'? There are more people in security than anything else at an airport. I whilst that's a good thing to keep us safe, some things are really over the top. 

6:37am Finally get to gate 84

6:40am Flight starts boarding

7:05am Take off from LHR on flight EI149 to Dublin. 

8:05am Land at Dublin, passport control and luggage pickup. 

8:15am Coach ticket stand only takes cash, so have to dash off to find some. 

8:30am Coach leaves airport to go thorugh the centre of Dublin. 

9:35am Arrive in Leopardstown to walk to the office. 

9:45am Sitting at my desk with first food and drink of the day. 

6:21pm Packing up to leave office and to walk to hotel. 

7:30pm Sleeping...........