Welcome to the Open University. Yes, I've gone back to school.

My first experience of the OU is that it's a massive huge sprawling campus that is covered in welcome letters, registration packs, books and student agreements. The amount of paper used in one single course registration is staggering.

However it's not as initially overwhelming as the amount of course ware I have to study along with a full time job.

This is the first time I have attempted to study after leaving the education system far behind me some 22 years ago. This, I fear, is going to put me right back where I left off. Bemused, overloaded, uninspired and lacking in motivation to hand in my homework. Thankfully I don't have detention with some nasty over zealous teacher to look forward to. Or the obligatory "dog ate my homework" excuses to try and imagine.

So here I go, into an OU course, full of trepidation about failing and what that would say to me about me.

Let's hope it doesn't come to that. ;o)