Awesome dude !!!

Well we got to snowboard on Saturday and it was really bad weather. There was snow and wind and gusts and blizzard conditions and it was about -20c with wind chill.Sunday we boarded and it was changable weather, but they opened the upper lift and we had a couple of runs down. The funny thing here is that most of the people we have met, and most of them have been on the lifts up the mountain, have all come from St John's on the other side of the Newfoundland Island. It takes them about 6-7 hours to drive here. In that case, it's quicker for us to fly here from Gatwick than it is for the "locals" to drive here.

Monday (today) has been a good day for the mountain. The weather has been kind and we even found time for me to get an hours lesson. Wow, what a difference an hour can make. My toe side turns now work. ;) I am now getting the hang of carving turns instead of just side slip, slow down, turn, side slip, slow down, turn...... repeat until the bottom. Now I can turn, turn, turn, turn...... COOL !!!

Anyway, back soon. ttfn