Lotusphere Sunday

Well I'm here in Orlando at Lotusphere 2009, a few beers last night helped me sleep a bit longer. Two laps of the hotel walkway helped me burn off some of the beer from last night. Jogging that early in the morning is really good fun, the steam rising from the swimming pools and the mist along the river are great mood setters. Listening to Lilly Allen on the iPhone seemed to work this morning, some nice rhythms to run too. Not too fast and nothing slow that has you walking. I've decided not turn on the mobile phone reception on the iPhone this week.  I don't want lots of charges for calls to me at 09:00 GMT arriving at 04:00 EST, and then more charges when they leave you a message. I still don't get how the mobile phone companies get away with that roaming charges stuff. It's pure criminal from a customers point of view.

Looking forward to the rest of the day, I have 45 laptops to check and make sure they are working and then lab staff to assist with whatever problems they find if they come in to check their labs. After that is the mandatory staff briefing for all our lab staff at 6pm followed by the Beach Party by the poolside of the Swan and Dolphin hotels. We'll probably follow that with a little karaoke in Kimonos before heading back to the hotel for another fitful nights sleep.

That is of course if all 45 laptops work. If they don't it's a case of keep going until they do work...... RedBull and ProPlus anyone?