China vs. The rest of the world

I've been watching and listening to China and it's alarming march that will see it conquer the whole world by about 2050. It's not surprising to me that this is happening, seeing as China was a "closed" nation for a long time and has only recently let the rest of the world in. Behind closed doors you can do what you like. You could create a huge army, they have. You could also indoctrinate your people to do as they are told, they have. You could stifle any dissectors and censor the information that is available to people, they are.

Take a look at the news this week and you will see that Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and Cisco are all being questioned about  their business ethics in front of the U.S. Congress.

I took a look at the Google website and found this little jewel on their "about us" pages

Though acknowledged as the world's leading search technology company, Google's goal is to provide a much higher level of service to all those who seek information, whether they're at a desk in Boston, driving through Bonn, or strolling in Bangkok.

This begs the question, why is Google caving in to the Chinese Government's demands for cencorship of issues like Tiananmen Square and know disidents?

Still on the subject of China I also found this in the BBC news website. link

Critics jailed Media watchdog Reporters Without Borders has accused Yahoo of providing China with information that helped to identify and convict two internet writers. Li Zhi was jailed for eight years in 2003, after posting comments that criticised official corruption. Writer Shi Tao was sentenced to 10 years in prison in April 2005 after criticising human rights abuses.

So behind the curtain China have managed to create a work force that has not got a real idea of what the outside thinks about what the Chinese Government is doing to them. I guess that's good for the Government, as if you ever found out that your own leadership had been lying to you......

Are we any different?

Has America created a country full of people that whilst they understand what goes on outside their country, they have been told that their way of life and their ideals are so good that they should make the world fit their model.

What makes that any different from the Muslim community living by their standards and calling everyone else abhorrent for not following Islam?

Have the English been lied to too many times? Can we trust a Government that makes up, or takes up a story from the US and runs it as their own?

Should we just accept this? Should we let the U.N. try and maintain security? Can the U.N. control the world?