Lotusphere 2009 Solution Developers Lab - still to do...

Here is  a list of stuff still be finished before you all see the lab. It's going to be a long week and even longer weekend Ubuntu customisation shell script

  • Installs VMware Player
  • Removes applications we don't need
  • Updates all software on machine
  • Creates directory structure for VMware Images to be copied onto machine

At Lotusphere

  • Power up the lab area
  • Unpack 45 laptops, and lock them to the desks
  • Install Ubuntu 8.10
  • Run customisation script on all laptops
  • Copy over relevant VMware Lab Image
  • Test lab image & networking

I'm sure there are lots of things I have forgotten for now, but I will update the list as we get closer.

P.S. only 11 days left now.