The excitement builds

So I'm off on holiday (not vacation ;) ) tomorrow, at the crack of crow fart. Flying out of Gatwick North, which should not take as long as it took Ed to get through Heathrow the other day. We are going to the little know Newfoundland and staying in the Humber Valley Resort. We are lucky that they have had some snow at last and all the runs look like they should be open by the weekend.

I'm really excited about this trip in particular as the better half of Mr & Mrs T. Clark is coming with me and going to try out snowboarding for the first time.

I only started it last year in Bulgaria with a mate of mine. But I found it a lot easier than skiing. I was doing black runs after only 3 days. OK so I wasn't flying down the runs, but I was getting down them at some pace and safely. Never would I have attempted that on a pair of skis even after 5 years of lessons.

So here's to holidays and snow :D