New feature request

I recently posted this mail to Mary Beth Raven asking for a + R key combo to be considered in a future client. Tues 14-Feb-06 13:21

Hi Mary Beth, I know that when in the client if I hit + M I get a new mail. But I'd really find it useful when in a mail to hit + R and get a reply on screen. Possibly configurable as to what type of reply you normally use. I can't see any other use for + R, so maybe this would be possible?

Tues 14-Feb-06 14:48

Got a reply that says that now is a good time to ask, as the client is really up in the air right now, code wise.

So we wait and see what happens.

The other thing to mention right now is that Lotus seeks end-users for Notes usability testing.  Full details are on the Usability page at IBM developerWorks: Lotus.