iPhone bill for apps

I've had my iPhone since Friday (so 4 days now) and I got an email from apple listing the apps I've downloaded and the total for all of them. Bible, v1.6, Seller: LifeChurch.tv Labyrinth Lite Edition, v1.4, Seller: Carl Loodberg (4+) Shade, v1.1, Seller: Muneeb Bokhari (4+) PAC-MAN Lite, v1.0.0, Seller: Namco Networks America (4+) Night Stand, v1.0.2, Seller: Rohit Singal Google Earth, v1.0.0, Seller: Google Mobile Synthesis SyncML Client for iPhone/iPod Touch, v1.0.5, Seller: Lukas Zeller Fake-A-Call, v1.10, Seller: Excelltech Inc. Facebook, v2.0, Seller: Facebook Twitterrific, v1.1, Seller: The Iconfactory Currency, v1.4, Seller: Jeffrey Grossman Google Mobile App, v0.3.142, Seller: Google Mobile Discover, v0.9.5, Seller: Danny Wen BBCReader, v1.0, Seller: Jae Han Sudoku (Free), v1.4f, Seller: Darren Sillett (4+) Shazam, v1.5, Seller: Shazam Entertainment Limited Movies, v1.61, Seller: Jeffrey Grossman Live Poker, v1.3, Seller: Zynga (12+) iFreeThePostcode, v0.1, Seller: John McKerrell TapDefense, v1.1.1, Seller: LL Group, LLC (9+) Darts, v1.3, Seller: brian hammond (4+) Barcode, v0.4, Seller: Stefan Hafeneger WiFinder, v2.1, Seller: LARS A BERGSTROM WordPress, v1.1, Seller: effigent, Inc.


So on the whole I'd say that it's been quite cost effective so far. ;o)

If I had to recommend one app from the list, it would be " iFreeThePostcode, v0.1, Seller: John McKerrell" It allows you to use the location information from where you are to register the postcode you are at. They are trying to build a free, open source, post code database for the UK. I applaud this effort as I've wanted to write code with post code information in it previously and the cost of the database is astronomical.

Do I like the iPhone? That's a bigger question and one I deal with once I've played with it more.