Hong Kong is cool

Went into Central yeserday with Emiko, Arnaud and Marissa. We went shopping for some kitchen stuff for Emi and Arnaud and their new appartment. We went to Wan Chai and after we had bought an oven, hob and extractor hood, we headed up the road to the flooring shop. Once we had aquired all the needed bits and bobs Arnaud and I headed back to Wan Chai to go find some geek porn.
The Wan Chai Computer Centre is two floors of little shops, like market stalls that sell everything to do with computers, laptops, drives, fans, networks, digital picture frames, memory cards, ipods and pretty much everyhting else electronic you can think of. It must have 50 stores inside all packed with the stuff that that one store specialises in. I was in heaven, and I'm very glad that Marissa had gone back with Emiko as they would have been bored stupid.
I bought a Nintendo DS lite for Marissa and a digital phot frame for us as a present to each other for Christmas. I was also really close to buying an Asus Eee 1000H but bottled it at the last minute. I wanted the black one with 160GB hdd and 2GB ram, but was not sure it was cheapre than I could buy it at home, so I came home and checked and it is cheaper. So the plan is to go back this afternoon and grab one.
Maybe the next post will come from the new laptop later tonight.