NotesTip = In a style to which you have become acustomed.

So how frustrating is it to have to open up all your Notes applications every time you start Notes? I know, it happens to me too. So just for us, here's a way of making sure that your Notes is just the way you like it every time you open it up. Down the left hand side of your Notes client there are some bookmark folders. You need the one that says "More Bookmarks" when you hover your mouse over it. In that folder create a new folder called "Startup". All you have to do then is drag and drop your favourite applications into that folder. The next time you open Notes they will automatically be there waiting for you.

If you have Notes 7.0, then you can do it another way. In the menu File / Preferences / User Preferences dialog box, there is an option for "save window state on exit". So just make sure that box is ticked and whatever state you leave Notes in, it'll be like that when you open it back up again.

So two ways to make you happy from just one posting.