Camberley 3rd XV vs Guildford 3rd XV

So Saturday was a warm and sunny affair, again. Guildford looked like a talented, young and fit side and were warming up nearly an hour before kickoff. I can't help but think that our relaxed attitude to Saturdays game helped us as we warmed up for about 25-30 minutes. The game started well for us as we kicked off, Mr Morgan (8) tackled the catcher and it was a devastating tackle that no-one on the pitch or the side lines could ignore. That set the tone for the game and we won lots of lineout, ruck and scrum ball.

A penalty allowed us to take the lead in the first half and we went on to score 3 tries and convert 2 of them. Guildford were not out of it by any means as half time drew close the scored a try and looked dangerous near our line. So with a tally of 2 tries and one conversion we went into half time 22-12.

The second half was a good game, mared with a few handbags being thrown about. two yellow cards and a red spoilt some great rugby, that saw another 3 tries from Camberley, 1 of which we converted and 1 more from Guildford.

Full time score was 39-17 to Camberley 3rd XV

Well done team, a great result for the game