Yesterday was a learning day for me, all about "Mentoring in IBM". Now I was thinking that it was going to be a day being told all about the blue tape that IBM wrap you up to stop you doing anything productive with your time. But instead I was given some very useful 'go out there and try it' techniques that both I and the people I mentor will benefit from. The main part of the advice centres around four main topics.

  • Prepare, Building a basic understanding of the subject matter and the person you are mentoring
  • Act, Taking action to agree what you are going to do and do it
  • Reflect, Review to deepen your learning experience by being honest with yourself about what worked and what didn't
  • Review, Clarify, share learning and increase commitment to change

It was more of a workshop than a course andI found it also good information for being a 'mentee'. At least now I have an understanding of what IBM mean by a mentor and a mentee, and maybe I can get more out of my mentors by being more focused myself.