Paralympics 2008 - Go team GBR

If any of you are missing this. GET INTO IT. If you though the Olympics in Beijing were great for Team GBR then you will be ecstatic about what our brave paralympians are achieving in Beijing right now. Want proof? then check out the medal table today then. At the time of writing we are 2nd behind China with 14 Gold 11 Silver 5 Bronze.

If you though sport was difficult with all your faculties working properly then try it from a wheelchair or with partial sight or only one leg. I happen to know a little about this subject, check out my brothers website. Whilst my brother has opened my eyes to what a physical disability really means, having trained in Judo for a long time and trained with Ian Rose (4 time paralympian and 2 time medal winner) on occasion, it's a massive amount of dedication both physical and mental to get the level they do. Not only do they train with able bodied counter parts in the norm, they are just as good if not better that most at what they do.

I applaud the Paralympians from all countries, but especially those from team GBR.

(I wonder if Jonathan Ross will have all the paralympians on his show like he did for the ordinary Olympics the other night. I bet not. Something about fire safety in the studio with that many wheelchairs, probably)