Back to the future

Today I'm going back to the future for a small project I have undertaken. I'm working with an IBM Business Partner in Fleet, Hampshire to help their developers get a broader understanding of the technologies on offer from Lotus Software. I'm writing and presenting a series of topics to them in small 50 minute chunks. One a month for the next six months.The first topic was "The IBM Software Group & how it all fits together" and that was actually quite a fun topic to try and cover off with a bunch of Domino/Notes developers. I should have called it, "The world is not always #FFCC00" So why is this "Back to the future" for me today? Well the topic for today is all about how to build a theme for Lotus Quickr and make it look like someone elses website. I used to be quite good at Lotus QuickPlace and that product has evolved into Lotus Quickr. I have not had chance to look at Lotus Quickr since it was renamed and it's going to be something I have to get to grips with more in the future. So for now I'm back off to the land of quickplaceSkinComponents and HTML tables and CSS style sheets.