I have just walked out of a meeting where we were discussing changes in use to an internal Notes database. The reason I left the meeting early? An anti-Notes guy who feels it's his lifes aim to disrupt anything to do with technology he doesn't belive in.He yanks my chain every time, and usually I can resist the urge to tell him what I really think. But today I warned him not to take it too far. The database in question is hated by all who use it, including me. But to slate the whole of Notes as being "... a waste of time and we should be doing relational databases, not this Notes rubbish.", just got me. I was quite angry, but instead of then shutting the hell up as his point had been made, he carried on. So incensed at not being able to give an opinion of my own, I left. Not only the meeting, but work. I am now at home trying to take stock of what I have done.

I will go back to work tomorrow and see what happens.

But for now, ARGHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!