The Domino XPages cometh

Well I'm back from my holiday/vacation and I have a stack load of work to do, but to add to the grief I have to go to Dublin on Wednesday night for a 2 day training course on Domino XPages. I wholly intend to run this in IBM Hursley for Business Partners soon. So keep watching for more info on that. Here is a description of what Domino XPages are from the IBM developerWorks Wiki on IBM Lotus Domino web Application Development.

An XPage is a new design element based on JavaServer Faces (JSF) technology that lets developers create Web 2.0 enabled pages for use in Web browser applications running on Domino 8.5. XPages remove the barrier of Web programming in Domino by providing advanced page design capabilities and complete control of the generated markup. They also allow access to any kind of data and provide an easy method for localizing applications. XPages includes the following features:

* AJAX enabled (for example, partial page refresh, type ahead capability, and so on) * Advanced Web control library (tabbed panel, and so on) * Full support for styling by using CSS * Fully extensible by using custom controls (composite controls or Java-based controls) or JSF extensions * Support for multiple clients (Web, rich client, and so on) * JavaScript scripting language support for client-side and server-side action * Pre-built simple actions provided for most common cases * Direct access to Java libraries on the server