Weekend of events

[b]Friday night[/b]Cooked dinner for my friends and played an enfuriating game called Cranium. Man that could drive you mad.

[b]Saturday[/b] London Motorcycle show, was a good laugh. If nothing else I managed to catch up with some of the folks I'll be riding with later in the year. A great lunch was ruined by a over zealous parking attendant, who ticketed one our cars. :o( A 50th birthday party followed and we had a great time. I helped out my mate the DJ, by organising the kareoke side of things for him. That's funny to watch.

[b]Sunday[/b] Bicester Outlet shopping. My wife had heard that they had a Jimmy Choo outlet there now. So we had to go. OMG how can a tiny pair of shoes cost £130, let alone the RRP of £360. 8| Once home we watched "Shall We Dance" with J-Lo and Richard Geere. Very slow start to a predictable end. Nice no-brain Sunday evening movie.