Well it's wet on holiday.

I had to go to the fracture clinic today to find out why my wrist still hurts 4 months after breaking it in a rugby match.I happened to be in the right place at the right time on a rugby pitch for once, and caught the ball after the first kick-off of the game. Catching the ball I managed to break a bone in my hand/writst and I did the only thing that was sensible to do at the time, I played on for the rest of the match. Well I wasn't about to leave my team down to 14 men after only 30 seconds of an 80 minute game. Where's the glory in that? I iced it at half time and it took me ages to change and shower after the game. I got some food and then drove some of the team mates back to the club house, drove home and explained to the long suffering Mrs C. A discussion then ensued about going to the hospital that night or waiting till the morning. Needless to say that Mrs C. quite rightly won and off we went to the hospital. 1 1/2 hours later I was walking home with my arm in plaster. 3 weeks until the rugby tour to Barcelona. To say I was down, was a bit mild. It's been hurting again since I started playing pre-season rugby again. So I booked myself into the fracture clinic at Frimley Park Hospital as I want to know why it's still painful and I've lost a bunch of range in all movement axis. The reason this article is titled "Well it's we on holiday" is that it is. Wet that is. I'm camping with a bunch of buddies and I didn't sleep well last night. Too hot (Mrs C has bought the thick duvet with us), too much rain and too much on my mind to be able to sleep. And to top it all I woke up at 5am with a bitching hangover. Self inflicted injury, but none the less, definitely not feeling at my best. So I'm awake at 5am and the rain drumming on the tent roof is nagging at that little part of your brain that controls your bladder. I'm going to have to get up and got to the toilet, in the rain, across a field and at 5am. When I get to hospital at 9:40am they tell me it's not still broken, (why did I think that?) and it's probably tendons that have not healed properly, so they are sending me for emergency physiotherapy sessions. They will see me again in 8 weeks time to make sure the physiotherapists have not totally destroyed my wrist and that they don't need to operate. Argh. So I have to wait for a physio appointment now. I know this is going to hurt. A lot. So I'll keep you all posted so that you can all laugh along as I take it in good humor. Yeah right.

Anyway, back out into the sunshine rain. AGAIN