Classic games

I was recently alerted to that fact that Rockstar Games are soon to be releasing to the world Grand Theft Auto IV. This massive game genre has generated good and bad press probably in equal numbers. I love it for the game technology alone. The ability to go through the environment and roam around and do nothing but drive, ride or fly about without any limits is amazing.To my delight I have found that Rockstar in their infinite wisdom have deemed it suitable to give away three classic games from their website. GTA, GTA2 and Wild Metal. All for the PC and all for free. I know these games are now classics, based on modern technology and gaming stuff, but download and play GTA if you do nothing else before you die. It's the single game that turned the gaming world on it's head. Even before "id" and all that had a clue what they doing in Wolfenstein and Doom and the 3D world. These guys stayed 2D and went free form and blew the gaming world apart.