Feeling good

Well I went to the doctor around the beginning of Feb and he said I had to loose weight. I was 17st 7ibs or 245ibs or 111.13KgsSo 1 month on I've managed to get down to 16st 11lbs or 235lbs or 106.59Kgs. I'm quite proud of that, as I've been struggling in the past.

I've been using a bunch of things to try and get the weight off. Exercise. Going to the gym, running at lunchtime training for and playing rugby Diet. Cutting out all the rubbish I eat between meals (this has been the hardest). Having proper meals Maximuscle. I've been using Thermobol and ProMax Diet to help me get to a weight loss metabolism. (www.maximuscle.com) Water. Drinking the right amount of water each day is helping too. If you don't drink enough water each day, your body stores what water you do drink in your joints. When you drink enough your body lets that water go and you loose weight. As water is quite a heavy substance, any less of it my body has to carry around is good with me.

So I'm also quite proud today as I've managed to do my run (2 miles) without stopping today. This is the first time I've managed it. I'm no runner and thanks to my chum Chris Moore he's got me running round the IBM Hursley site during a lunch time. So the next goal is to get a bit quicker and then try 2 laps (e.g. 4 miles). This is helping my stamina so helping my rugby. This is a big benefit to me.

So this is why I'm feeling good. The weight is coming down and I'm getting fitter and getting my stamina levels back to where I want them. Roll on the summer and the six pack I'm planning to try and get. ;o)