Lent day 3

Still no confectionary and/or junk between meals. Yipeee. Still the same weight though. Boooooo!Drinking lots of water instead of snacking. I'm sure it's going to help soon, but at the moment is just makes me wee like a race horse. ;o)

New car arrived yesterday. Pics on webshots. http://community.webshots.com/user/tcsoft Also went to the gym to sweat a few pounds off before dinner.

Rugby tomorrow is in Wandsworth against BEC Old Boys so that should be a laugh. I don't know what possition they might want me to play, but I hope it's blind side flanker.

Working from home today on writing up a project. Very dull but needs to be done.

I'm still waiting to see if the job I have been waiting for gets approved, but I heard something good on this today so it seems to be moving along at last. I'm so ready for a new challenge at the moment. The current job seems to be dull and dragging a bit. Still it pays the mortgage. "I wonder if we'll see the interest rate cut that was announced yesterday by the Bank of England? I bet not."