To fast or not to fast?

Not in a speeding sort of way, but in a "nil by mouth" mode.I went to the doctors today as I've been getting headaches for a about 3 months. Got asked a bunch of questions and he took my blood pressure (which is a little too high) and my weight (which is way too high). The prognosis is good, so long as I can loose some weight. Well some weight = 1st (14lb or 8kg) in a month and or more in the second month. So he has banned me from drinking alcohol and asked me to try and keep my daily intake to about 1000 - 1500 calories a day.

This is going to hurt, a lot. So if anyone has any great diet plans that do not involve fish, seafood or tomatoes. I would be glad of the help.

My tummy is rumbling already and it's only 11 o'clock. I would normally walk upstairs now and grab a bag of crisps but I must resist. I think water is the key. I'll try drinking water whenever I feel hungry and see if that helps. I should be drinking 2 litres a day anyway and I drink none, so it can't hurt. Can it?

At least I have an excuse for 40 days starting on Tuesday. I can at least use lent as a reason for doing it. Maybe it's happened now for a reason.

What am I giving up for lent? Confectionery and apathy. I am going to blog every day of lent and not eat junk.

So will I fasting during lent? Yes I guess I will, but not in a total sort of way. I have to change my lifestyle to be more of a calorie deficit diet than a calorie overload diet.

Any offers of support greatly appreciated.